California Imperial Shih Tzu breeder of Quality, Beauty and Distinction

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Beautys Shih Tzu

Beautys Tiny Shih Tzu is a small California breeder specializing in producing superior quality Shih Tzu in a small package. We strive to produce puppies who are well proportioned with short legs and backs and stocky bone structure for their size. They are surprisingly heavy for their small compact size! Our puppies are well known for their extreme baby doll faces and personalities to match!

Our Nursery

Our Nursery features home raised socialized puppies. There is a difference between well socialized quality puppies and it shows in the wonderful temperaments, trainability and social skills of our puppies. Their extreme beauty is just icing on the cake!

Our Gentlemen

Our tiny Imperial Shih Tzu studs are the cornerstone of our breeding program and produce puppies like or better themselves frequently. All of our boys are home bred and home raised and live with us in our home so they are well mannered, polite and always represent the breed well when they are out and about. Our boys all have wonderful people orientated personalities and excellent health and quality. They are wonderful lap babies and great producers all in a single package!

Our Beauty's

Our Beauty's are all beautiful examples of the Shih Tzu breed and always turn heads when they are out. They are divided between our homes because well mannered socialized females produce superior puppies who make great companions to their new families! These ladies also consistently outproduce themselves and we are very lucky to have each of them!

Contact Us

Visit this page for our Contact Information and to find out how to make one of our puppies your very own! Please fill out our adoption form and spend some time on our website and Facebook to help you get to know if we are the right breeder for you!

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   Beauty's Tiny Shih Tzu

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Website updated September 6, 2014-
We have young adults/ older puppies available ranging from 10 months- 6 years and we are also expecting new babies in October!

tiny red Shang Su Shih Tzu

Beauty's Tiny Shih Tzu is a small home based California Shih Tzu breeder specializing in show stopping Imperial Shih Tzu with the ultra smooshy baby doll faces, sweet family oriented temperaments and excellent health.  We breed for quality not quantity and have only a few litters a year.  We offer a 5 year health guarantee against life threatening genetic defects  and a lifetime home guarentee for each of our puppies to ensure you that you are getting a Shih Tzu puppy who is not only beautiful,  but will make you a pampered lap baby for many years to come! And should something ever change in your life we will take the puppy back at any point in their lives to ensure that none of our dogs ever ends up in a rescue situation or worse.  It is a committment we believe all ethical breeders should make- please do not consider a puppy from a breeder who does not offer a health guarentee and does not take responsiblity for the dogs they breed.  At Beauty's Tiny Shih Tzu we breed Shih Tzu ONLY~ no other breed.

We are a mother/daughter team now located in North Stockton, (Northern California) and the San Jose/Los Gatos border.  We are conveniently located in the Silicon Valley Bay area and just a short jaunt to San Francisco.  We also make frequent trips to Southern California (Los Angeles/ Valencia area) to deliver our Shih Tzu puppies to their wonderful new homes. We can also recommend a pet nanny who will provide your new puppy with the very best of care from our home to yours for our out of state clients, and always welcome you to fly here and pick up your new Shih Tzu puppy personally.  We do not offer cargo shipping. 
Our dogs and puppies are divided among our homes and also some family and close friends to ensure that each gets the attention and care they deserve.  They are divided among our homes so they can live as our personal pets and be part of our families as we believe every Shih tzu should be.  Shih Tzu have always been bred to be companions and by making sure our breeding adults are socialized family members we can assure you that your puppy will go home to ready to be an immediate companion.  All of our AKC Shih Tzu as well as our puppies are home raised, loved and spoiled every day.

We raise tiny miniature Shih Tzu and also occasionally  have small standard Shih Tzu.  Our Miniature Shih Tzu are also called : Imperial Shih  Tzu, Chinese imperial dogs, tiny Shih Tzu, CIDS, Imps and many more names.  Our  Shih Tzu puppies range in size from itty bitty Shih Tzu size to short, compact small standards.  ALL of our dogs no matter what their size are AKC registered DNA certified purebred Shih Tzu.   Names don't matter much to us, all we know is we couldn't love these  tiny little sweethearts anymore!   What could be a better choice for a toy size companion dog than a hypoallergenic** Imperial Shih Tzu?

Superior quality is our number one priority and we have carefully chosen the best of the best.  We have hand picked the most special Imperial size Shih Tzu and small standard Shih Tzu babies from our own breeding as well as quality Imperial and Champion bloodlines from around the globe for our breeding program.  Many of our puppies carry World Champion bloodlines as well as the very best of Imperial size Shih Tzu lines.   Each of our dogs must display people orientated loving dispositions and excellent health before ever being considered to be a Beauty's Shih Tzu.

We strive to better ourselves with each breeding by producing tiny Shih Tzu with smooshie baby doll faces with big eyes set well apart with little to no eye white, tiny button noses set up high with open nostrils, short cobby bodies and true thick silky soft double coats all wrapped up in a tiny package that still looks like a Shih Tzu should!  While no dog is perfect, we are pleased with the progress we are making in improving our dogs from generation to generation.   Well over half of our dogs in our breeding program were born and raised here, most of them multi- generations of our lines, ensuring you that we are experinced breeders who know the health, temperment, size and quality of the dogs in our breeding program.  Those dogs not bred here all come from other quality breeders who work to uphold similiar ideals as our own. 

Having once been "big dog people" we have found the temperament and  attitude of the Shih Tzu to be unlike other toy dog breeds.  The Imperial Shih Tzu is simply a small version of the beautiful  Shih Tzu Shih Tzu show dogs but are  truly big dogs in a tiny packages!   We have shown a little ourselves  and have some top Shih Tzu Champion lines in our breeding program so we know how to evaluate correct confirmation, structure and coat. We breed more for body structure- such as a short back, short legs and correct proportions over weight alone.  In fact, our Shih Tzu are often heavy for their small sizes and are not fragile and truly a miniaturized version of the standard size Shih Tzu.  Most are show quality- if they were a little bigger that is.  Shih Tzu are not barky or yappy and if you only have one or two they will often only bark at the door.  They are not shaky, nervous, hyper or obsessive- or we should say a good quality Imperial Shih Tzu is not!   Since they have solely been bred to be companion dogs they should be playful, but not hyper, and are the most loyal of tiny companions!  Shih Tzu really are like potatoes chips, once you are loved by one of our adorable Shih Tzu it will be hard not to one or two more!

All of our AKC Shih Tzu have multiple health checks and  we have had some basic genetic testing done on our lines as well.  Our puppies are vet checked and sent home with a great puppy package including a 5 year health warranty.  We are working on doing DNA and micro chipping on all of our adult dogs for positive identification and accurate pedigrees.   See more about our Health Warranty and the hard work put into producing your dream puppy on our Purchase Page.

We have now produced several generations of our own breeding  and not only are we stamping a certain "look" on our babies but we are consistently stamping the same people orientated dispositions and excellent health on our babies as well. 

Because our Shih Tzu are home raised our puppies have true sweet Shih Tzu dispositions and have lived as part of our family and are very well socialized before going home.  They are ready to bond to your family when they go home to you and continue to blossom into social, mannered and beautiful companions.  They have been working hard on potty training and grooming skills and are eager to continue to learn in their new homes.

From our tiniest imperial Shih Tzu to our small standards our Shih Tzu just have that "look" that stands apart.  Though we love the colors of the Shih Tzu (Chocolate, red, orange, white, Dobie markings , blacks and traditional parti markings ) and tiny size we distinguish ourselves by prioritizing quality over size or color and by doing our best to help match each of our puppies to their perfect families.

But don't take our word for it, take a few minutes and look around we are more than happy to introduce you to our Miniature Shih Tzu of distinction!


Our  Shih Tzu puppies are only available to forever pet homes on spay/neuter contracts.  Healthy Shih Tzu have a lifespan of 12-18 years and deserve to have a family who will love them their whole life.

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